Corporate Social Responsibility


Corporate Social Responsibility

Walker Hamill is an executive search and recruitment business. It doesn’t make anything, it doesn’t have factories and it doesn’t have much in the way of direct impact on the environment. However, we still use electricity, we still produce waste and our employees still travel to and from work.

So, we do the things that we can, whether it’s turning our lights and PCs off each evening, recycling, using public transport, or supporting the Cycle to Work Scheme. We believe that if you do enough small things, they end up amounting to something significant. Looking ahead, we’re going to keep striving to do more.

There is however, one aspect of CSR where we can have a really significant impact, every day and that’s around being ethical and fair in the way that we treat everyone who we work with, whether they’re a client, a candidate, or anyone else who provides us with a service, or with whom we come into contact.

Recruiters - people like us - are trusted with highly personal information, day in, day out. We take this responsibility incredibly seriously. We know what the Data Protection Act says. We agree with it and work really hard to ensure that we adhere to it. Fundamentally, we will not process data without permission. 

Likewise, we will not discriminate. On any grounds. We are proud of the diversity of our own workforce and we actively support client firms who promote diversity in their recruiting policies.


Philanthropy and volunteering

Philanthropy and Volunteering are ways in which we can support the people and communities around us. We have a policy of supporting clients, candidates and other contacts close to Walker Hamill in their philanthropic endeavours. We like supporting the individual and through them, a hugely diverse range of causes and charities. In the last year alone, this has included PACE, ASSERT, the William Wates Memorial Trust, The Prince’s Trust, St Mark’s Hospital, Raleigh International, Cancer Research UK, The Haller Foundation, Together for Short Lives, The Children’s Foundation, Starfish and 40tude.

We may also volunteer our time and services where we are close to the cause and have assisted various charities in securing both executive and non-executive recruits. We are proud of having supported some key organisations in this way and look forward to assisting others in the year ahead.

Equality and diversity

As an employer, Walker Hamill is committed to equality and valuing diversity within its workforce.

Our goal is to ensure that these commitments, reinforced by our values, are embedded in our day-to-day working practices with all our customers, colleagues and partners.

We will provide equality of opportunity and will not tolerate discrimination on grounds of gender, gender identity, marital status, sexual orientation, race, colour, nationality, religion, age, disability, HIV positivity, working pattern, caring responsibilities, trade union activity or political beliefs – or any other grounds.

We will demonstrate our commitment by:

  • Promoting equality of opportunity and diversity within the communities in which we work and with all our partners and workforce
  • Aiming to build a workforce which reflects our customer base, within the diverse communities in which we work, with the aim of having parity of representation across the workforce
  • Encouraging recruitment from groups currently under-represented in our workforce and their career progression once employed
  • Treating our customers, colleagues and partners fairly and with respect
  • Promoting an environment free from discrimination, bullying and harassment, and tackling behaviour which breaches this
  • Recognising and valuing the differences and individual contribution that people make
  • Providing support and encouragement to staff to develop their careers and increase their contributions to the organisation through the enhancement of their skills and abilities
  • Building in legislative requirements and best practice to all our service delivery and employee policies and procedures, and supporting these with appropriate training and guidance
  • Every person working for Walker Hamill has a personal responsibility for implementing and promoting these principles in their day-to-day dealings with everyone – including members of the public, other staff and employers and partners.
  • Inappropriate behaviour is not acceptable.