MBO / Private Equity Finance Director Jobs

  • Focussed recruiting of Finance Directors into MBOs/MBIs, sourcing either new, or replacement Finance Directors to work as part of an equity incentivised management team
  • Partnering with the leading providers of private equity in the UK to identity finance professionals with the correct blend of experience, commerciality and hunger to maximise equity returns for all stakeholders
  • Experience spanning three decades, working across the UK with businesses of all sizes and in all sectors
  • Complementary expertise as one of Europe's leading recruiters to private equity and venture capital funds
  • Superb access to the highest quality professionals working in accounting and finance, who display the appetite and ability to transition to a more entrepreneurial environment
  • Dedicated team comprising experienced professionals who have direct experience of advising upon and leading MBOs and working alongside Finance Directors on a day-to-day basis

Please note that we only advertise a small percentage of our current roles on our website - many of our short-lists will be compiled via our current network and database of candidates, plus active search methods, so if you can't find a role that appears suitable, you should still submit your CV.