For 30 years, we’ve focused on accountancy & finance, private equity, debt & structured finance, corporate strategy and mergers & acquisitions. We’ve assisted innumerable clients in securing the very best talent available and we’ve played a key part in the advancement of literally thousands of careers.


Focus has given us knowledge – a deep understanding of both the firms and the people in our areas of work. This knowledge, gathered over decades in many instances, is incredibly powerful and allows us to recommend both candidates and clients with first hand confidence in their abilities and credentials.


We’re unusually flexible, working across a much wider range of levels than is typical for the recruitment and search industry: some of our mandates target candidates at the pinnacle of their development, whilst other assignments will focus on candidates only just embarked on the early stages of their careers. We’re also flexible in the types of role that we work on, from permanent searches, to temporary, contract and interim assignments. Crucially, each client’s consulting team remains consistent, regardless of the level of role being discussed.


We offer access to some of the very best employers in industry, banking and private equity, alongside the proven ability to consistently source the strongest candidates from a focused range of financial, commercial and strategic disciplines.


We believe in hard work: putting in the hours and staying focused on a successful outcome, even when a particular search proves challenging. We also nurture and value long term relationships and understand they’re based on high levels of service, credible advice and an ethical, honest approach.


The majority of our people have been with us for a long time.  Our Consultants are experienced and professional and you are quite likely to work with the same person, on consecutive searches spread over many years, or at various points in your career.


Walker Hamill is a trusted recruitment partner to a wide variety of companies, banks and funds. Our clients vary greatly in size, from small, high growth businesses, to major multinational companies. What they typically share in common is a leading position in their field and a brand that makes them a highly desirable company to work for. Our candidates reflect our client base, with profiles that display education, training and practical experience from the very best academic, professional and commercial environments.

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